LEAF Marque

When purchasing LEAF Marque produce you are buying into an environmental assurance system that recognises sustainably farmed products.

About LEAF Marque

LEAF Marque is an environmental assurance system recognising more sustainably farmed products. It is based on the sustainable farming principles of Integrated Farm Management (IFM), which covers areas such as soil and water management, pollution control, crop health, animal welfare, community engagement, energy efficiency and landscape and nature conservation. LEAF Marque businesses are independently assessed and certified against the principles of IFM.

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Delivering more sustainable food and farming

There is a powerful and growing momentum behind sustainable food, which represents a global opportunity for farmers. LEAF Marque certification is key to driving this forward.

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Case Study: Jordans Farm Partnership

Working together. More sustainable food and farming through LEAF Marque


There is increasing appreciation amongst leading food brands of the role of the LEAF Marque assurance system in helping address their own sustainability targets. LEAF has been working with Jordans, the UK’s fourth largest cereals manufacturer, for the past two years on a progressive new initiative to create a unique model to deliver more sustainable farming, built around the LEAF Marque Standard.

Known as the Jordans Farm Partnership, and also involving The Wildlife Trusts and The Prince’s Countryside Fund, it is working to address key issues facing rural communities. All farmers supplying oats to Jordans are required to farm to LEAF’s high environmental standards and be LEAF Marque certified. This builds on the huge amount of work they have already put into creating and managing habitats for wildlife.

The Jordans Farm Partnership is an excellent example of how LEAF Marque is providing opportunities for food brands to build on and demonstrate their own sustainability commitments and to strive to do even more to deliver more sustainable food and farming. 

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