LEAF Mar­que Chain of Custody

LEAF Mar­que Chain of Cus­tody is a tool for map­ping and mon­i­tor­ing LEAF Mar­que sup­ply chains and demon­strat­ing trace­abil­i­ty at each site.

LEAF Marque Chain of Custody is a tool for mapping and monitoring LEAF Marque supply chains and demonstrating traceability at each site. It is used to apply for a licence to use the LEAF Marque logo or make a claim on packaging. It will help participating farms, businesses and consumers to trust the LEAF Marque logo and any claims made.

The need for more transparent and robust supply chains is key to driving forward real change in the food and farming sectors. Providing a clear, independent framework for everyone in the supply chain to source products that are fully traceable, independently certified and grown to high standards of environmental care is vital to ensure the integrity of our supply chains. LEAF Marque Chain of Custody offers just this.

LEAF Marque Chain of Custody brings together all the required processes, data and rules for the use of the LEAF Marque logo so there is one portal for farmers, food chain companies to use to enable robust chains to be created. It delivers transparency and credibility to everyone along the supply chain. It will enable LEAF to approve businesses as "Approved suppliers of LEAF Marque certified produce"

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