Taking and sharing the perfect shot

Make the most of the scene or subject that you are trying to capture by the way you take and share your photos.

Landscape or square shape not portrait - as that makes the most of the space

Focus - learn how to get your camera to focus on the most important thing whether a face, the foreground or whatever.

Composition - as well as the subject of your photo, fill the frame with interesting foreground and background. Make the most of every pixel.

Rule of thirds - divide the frame into a grid of thirds. Use the lines to compose the shot. Put the horizon on one of the horizontal lines. Or position your subject in one of the ‘hot spots’ where the horizontal and vertical lines meet.

On bright days, have the sun behind you and on your subject. Morning or evening light is kindest. If indoors, light from the side makes an interesting photo.

A bad photo can ruin a good scene - take the best possible photo you can of a person, place, object or process. If it is not a great shot then think twice before sharing.