Speak Out case studies

We need to share best practice, show techniques, explain production, talk about trade-offs and demonstrate how farming creates and sustains environmental good. 

LEAF Speak Out Communications Toolkit

Everyone loves a good story, and speaking direct with people is a great opportunity to share with them what you do, why it’s important and why you love it, and of course answer their questions. By telling your story confidently, staying calm and answering questions honestly and knowledgeably, visitors will leave with an understanding, enthusiasm and trust in farming which we are all aiming to promote.

The feedback we get from visitors is overwhelmingly positive. People are genuinely interested to find out about farming and are so grateful to have the opportunity to spend some time on a farm with their family having fun whilst learning.

To view the Speak Out videos we developed for LEAF Open Farm Sunday Host Farmers, visit our You Tube Speak Out Toolkit playlist.

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