Are you prepared?

Preparing thoroughly helps your presentation or event go smoothly

As well as having your presentation or event plan ready and practised, it is important to be aware of your audience, timings and location. Have a contingency plan in case of any unforeseen circumstances.  Remember – thorough preparation often takes longer than delivering the event itself! 

Each of these images reveals a top tip from a farmer or researcher. 

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Resources to use

Are you prepared?

We have created a handy downloadable checklist to help you prepare.

  1. Are You Prepared Checklist [.pdf, 247.43 KB]

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Are you prepared?

Question 1 / 8

Do you know how many people will be attending your outdoor event/presentation/tour?

Question 2 / 8

Have you a clear idea of exactly what messages you want your audience to take away?

Question 3 / 8

Have you thought about your available budget?

Question 4 / 8

Have you decided which type of outdoor presenting method you will use?

Question 5 / 8

Do you have props you can use whilst you are talking?

Question 6 / 8

Have you considered what additional information you may need ie. posters, flyers, brochures?

Question 7 / 8

Have you thought about whether you are going to organise an activity/demonstration?

Question 8 / 8

Are you aware of the pros/cons for this method of presenting outdoors?

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