LEAF Annual Conference: Safe and Sound? Food - Protection, Security and Defence

20th Nov 2018

Barclays HQ, Canary Wharf

The LEAF Annual Conference will be taking place on Tuesday 20th November at the Barclays HQ in London. This unique and intimate opportunity is for farmers, the food chain, researchers and agricultural industry as well as government officials to discuss and learn from each other about the current state of food defence.

Date: Tuesday 20th November 2018 - 9:15am - 15:00pm

Location: Barclays HQ, 1 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, London E14 5HP

Cost: FREE

Safe and Sound? Food, Defence, Protection and Security

What are the risks, solutions and opportunities for a more resilient food & farming system?

As consumers we expect our food to be safe and readily available.  We also believe our food is what it claims to be.  However, the food supply chain is becoming increasingly complex.   Our food supply is vulnerable to growing incidences across the globe of ‘food fraud’, ‘food crime’ and ‘misrepresentation’, such as through buying cheap food, unclear provenance or incorrect labelling.

Increasingly, we are seeing ground breaking developments and strategies in the field of food integrity, safety, quality, authenticity and traceability, ranging from the importance of best practice, risk management and assurance systems to DNA testing and artificial intelligence.

The LEAF Annual Conference is a unique opportunity for farmers, those in the food chain, researchers and industry representatives, as well as government officials to discuss and learn from each other about the current state of food protection, security and defence in the UK and across the globe. The event is designed to raise the discussion around the risks of intentional and unintentional contamination and vulnerability to our food supplies, thus reducing economic losses from natural disasters and/or other incidents that may cause product recalls and decreased consumer confidence in their food and other agricultural products. Attendees will enjoy a variety of sessions, networking opportunities and informed discussion geared specifically at reducing the impact of food system vulnerability, attacks and catastrophic events on our food supply chains. 

Bookings for this event to open soon.