LEAF Marque Summit 2017

As more and more companies from across the food supply chain extend their commitment to responsible business practices, the 2017 LEAF Marque Summit asked whether we are doing enough to market our sustainability achievements and aspirations. Exploring our effectiveness in building consumer awareness and trust, and asking how we can work more effectively together to promote our collective sustainable commitments.


Jonathan Porritt, Founder and Director of Forum for the Future 

Emmanuelle Hopkinson, Project Manager, Food Plan A Team, Marks and Spencer 

Simon Day, Farm Manager, Worth Farms and LEAF Demonstration Farmer 

Emma Keller, Agricultural Commodities Manager, WWF-UK 

Tallulah Chapman, Communications Manager, Forest Stewardship Council 

Caroline Drummond, Chief Executive, LEAF 

Kathryn Green, Sustainability Manager, LEAF 

Quentin Clark, Director Business Collaboration, LEAF




  1. Welcome and Introduction by Caroline Drummond MBE, LEAF Chief Executive [PDF]
  2. Launch of LEAF Global Impacts Report 2017 by Kathryn Green, Sustainability Manager, LEAF [PDF]
  3. Making the case for sustainable sourcing by Emma Keller Agricultural Commodities Manager, WWF-UK [PDF]
  4. A Proud Heritage Looking to the Future: LEAF Marque and Sustainability Simon Day Farm Manager, Worth Farms Ltd, [PDF]
  5. Sustainability and M&S Supply Chains Emmanuelle Hopkinson Project Manager, Food Plan A Team, Marks and Spencer [PDF]
  6. Delivering Sustainability in Forestry and Forest Products Tallulah Chapman, Communications Manager, Forest Stewardship Council [PDF]
  7. LEAF Marque Update Quentin Clark, Director Business Collaboration LEAF [PDF]