Benefits, Opportunities and Challenges of Permanent Grassland

6th Mar 2019

Quicke’s Traditional Ltd, Home Farm, Newton St Cyres, Exeter, Devon EX5 5AY

We would be pleased if you could join us for a workshop investigating the benefits and barriers to improving permanent grassland management on the 6th March at Quicke’s Traditional, Newton St Cyres, Exeter. Read on to find out more and to book email:

Date: Wednesday 6th March

Time: 10.30 – 15.30
Location: Quicke’s Traditional Ltd, Home Farm, Newton St Cyres, Exeter, Devon EX5 5AY 

Permanent grassland can provide productive grazing whilst supporting biodiversity, carbon storage, water management and soil health. This workshop will gather and share information on how to optimise production from permanent pasture and explore what other benefits it can bring through delivering public goods. We will cover the
opportunities and barriers to improving permanent grassland management in northern England and how it compares to temporary leys, as well as where new technologies, practical research and policies could help.

Our host Adam Reeves will show us and explain some of the areas where he has been experimenting with permanent pasture management. Home Farm includes approximately 1000 acres of grassland. In the region of 250 acres is permanent pasture.

During the workshop, we will also hear from Dr Paul Newell Price, Principal Soil Scientist at ADAS about research priorities, best practice and policy constraints. Paul will also highlight opportunities to get involved with trials through a new project ADAS and Newcastle University are leading called SUPER-G.

This workshop is part of the SUPER-G project, which aims to co-develop sustainable permanent grassland systems and policies with farmers and policy makers. The livestock sector is under increasing pressure from environmental groups, but permanent pasture can deliver a huge range of public goods and services. This project will investigate further and work with farmers and policy makers to support grassland management. This workshop will explain more about the project and opportunities to get involved in a South West farmer network. 

To book on please email: Places will be given on a first come first served basis. 

See full leaflet here.