LEAF Member discussion group: Arable Integrated Pest Management – What does it look like?

25th Jan 2018

The Allerton Project, Loddington House Main Street, Leicester LE7 9XE

Presented by Alastair Leake and Phil Jarvis, The Allerton Project

LEAF is running an East Midlands evening discussion group this Winter to promote knowledge sharing and discussion amongst farmers. The programme for each evening will include a brief introduction followed by a talk from a speaker on various different and current topics. This will be followed by a farmer led discussion and questions.

Integrated Pest Management in a field setting

This session will look in more detail at Integrated Pest Management in field crops and how to harness the best from existing techniques as well as look out for unexpected pitfalls. Alastair Leake will talk through some of the results of the Sussex Study which is a long-term look at the impacts of pesticides on chick food and beneficial insects and how these relationships play out at the farm scale at different times of year and options to minimise any ill-effects.

 We will also hear from Farm Manager Phil Jarvis about what IPM looks like at the Allerton Project. Phil will talk through their overall approach and use of IPM tools to control and manage pest pressures. Promoting beneficial insects has been advised practice for many farmers looking to enhance the biological control of pests. Whilst all farmers will be fully aware of their pest problems, during the evening we will talk in more detail about what beneficial species can be promoted to help control various pests as well as methods to encourage these. Phil will also touch on how those methods can fit into a wider Integrated Pest and Farm Management approach and the role and impacts of other factors like tillage techniques and soil management.

The group will be run by LEAF Regional Chairman, Andy Guy (www.andyguyconsulting.co.uk) and is open to LEAF members and friends, it is free to attend, but please bring a small contribution for dinner. Please email: events@leafuk.org to book your place.

We look forward to seeing you there!