Join LEAF and be part of a common sense future for agriculture. Membership to LEAF helps you improve your environmental and business performance and take pride and profit from producing food while caring for the countryside. Single farm membership based on 3 categories dependent on farm size, including multiple site enterprises that are managed as one business.


It is vital that our future managers and technicians understand how they can best produce the food the world needs to grow to feed ourselves in the future. We can work with colleges to achieve this through providing training material, farm visits and providing technical material for students and staff.

Adviser or Consultant

Advisors and consultants can join LEAF and support IFM and our work. Through membership they can have access to their clients membership, access the LEAF Sustainable Farming Review, keep up to date with IFM and LEAF's activities. This can be a way of promoting your services to our LEAF members.


Membership to LEAF provides our Corporate members with a lively forum where they can learn more about Integrated Farm Management (IFM) and sustainable futures, share ideas and develop their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies on food production and countryside care. You can get involved in aspects of promotion of IFM and the LEAF Marque supply chains. Subscription levels based on 4 rates dependent on number of employees. Farming Companies can join as corporate members and will receive all the same benefits as corporate and farmer members. If you wish to discuss corporate membership contact LEAF.


If you support our work and would like to help us, please become a 'friend of LEAF'. The money you send will help us strengthen our work across the world. You will receive three newsletters a year, a monthly e-brief, be invited to visit Demonstration Farms and - most importantly - support sustainable agriculture.

LEAF Marque Buyer and Seller

LEAF Marque Buyers and sellers is for small companies in the food chain such as wholesalers and distributors, packers and processors, small retailers, restaurants and cafes who buy and sell LEAF Marque produce and require a LEAF Marque Chain of Custody access and subscription. As a LEAF Marque buyer and seller you will have access to the supply chain directory including an entry so we can promote your business.