LEAF Network

The LEAF Network consists of LEAF Demonstration Farms, working farms committed to delivering and promoting sustainable farming practices and LEAF Innovation Centres - research establishments pioneering new approaches to push forward the boundaries of Integrated Farm Management (IFM) through research and development.

Facilitating knowledge generation and exchange

These sites proudly demonstrate sustainable farming through Integrated Farm Management to a wide range of groups, through hosting walks and talks. They also contribute to LEAF resources to help spread technical IFM expertise.


Visitors to LEAF Demonstration Farms*


Farmers visited LEAF Demonstration Farms*

Figures taken from LEAF Global Impacts Report 2018.

LEAF Demonstration Farms

LEAF Demonstration Farms are working, commercial farms practicing Integrated Farm Management (IFM). LEAF Demonstration Farmers communicate, discuss and demonstrate IFM best practice amongst other farmers and also play a critical role in promoting sustainable farming to wider groups such as politicians, industry and students.

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LEAF Innovation Centres

LEAF Innovation Centres are research organisations whose work supports the research, evidence, development and promotion of Integrated Farm Management.

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LEAF Network annual report

Get all the highlights and activities from our Demonstration Farmers and Innovation Centres in 2018, including events, projects, visitor figures and updates on resources.

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