How to become LEAF Marque certified

We have mapped out the journey to becoming LEAF Marque Certified into nine easy steps.

Step 1 - Join LEAF

Join LEAF the charity - membership provides you with the tools to demonstrate your environmental and business commitment.


Step 2 - Complete the LEAF Sustainable Farming Review

The LEAF Sustainable Farming Review is a self-assessment on-line management tool to help farmers farm more sustainably. It enables them to monitor their performance, identify strengths and weaknesses and set targets for improvement across the whole farm. 

Learn more about the LEAF Sustainable Farming Review

Step 3 - Prepare your business

Implement Integrated Farm Management and work towards becoming compliant with the LEAF Marque Standard.

View the latest LEAF Marque Standard

Step 4 - Register and complete an application form provided by your certification body

LEAF Marque has built a strong relationship with Certification Bodies that have a combined global coverage representing all the growing regions. All the certification bodies have completed the LEAF Marque training required and are ISO 17065 accredited.

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Step 5 - Update and complete the LEAF Marque Chain of Custody

The LEAF Marque Chain of Custody is a traceability tool for monitoring LEAF Marque supply chains. All farm businesses must include up-to-date information about grown and output products as well as complete the Self Assessment on an annual basis.

If you use, or are planning to use, the LEAF Marque logo or a LEAF Marque claim on packaging or communication materials, you must also complete (a) LEAF Marque Licence Application(s).

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Step 6 - Annual inspection

Your annual inspection, by your certification body, can be conducted at the same time as other farm assurance schemes. This costs from £225.

Certification Bodies

Step 7 - Clear non-conformances

If your inspections shows non-conformances, these must be cleared. For a first inspection, within 3 months. For subsequent inspections, within 28 days. It might be useful to revisit the LEAF Marque Standard to help understand the requirements.

LEAF Marque Standard

Step 8 - Certificate issued

Following a successful certification decision, where there are no non-conformances, your Certification Body will use your Certificate.

Congratulations, you are now a LEAF Marque Certified Business.

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Step 9 - Environmentally responsible farming

Continue to implement Integrated Farm Management.

Integrated Farm Management