LEAF Marque Standard Version 15.0 - thank you for your feedback!

LEAF Marque is a leading global assurance system recognising more sustainably farmed products. It is underpinned by the sustainable farming practices of Integrated Farm Management (IFM) and is a key driver for delivering LEAF’s mission of a world that is farming, eating and living more sustainably.

Every few years we review the LEAF Marque Standard to ensure it remains relevant.  As industry practices and scientific understanding evolve over time, so our Standard needs to evolve too. Our Standard review is public and consistent with best practice codes and guidelines provided by ISEAL. It engages not only our members and stakeholders but also academics, fellow NGO's, government, industry and members of the public throughout the process. 

Our consultation on the LEAF Marque Standard version 15.0 is now closed and ran from 30th November 2018 until the 30th January 2019.  Here is the draft of the LEAF Marque Standard version 15.0. Once we have discussed the feedback and decided on the actions taken, we will share a summary of this to all respondents. This summary will also be made publicly available on this page.

LEAF Marque Standard Version 15.0

Your views matter to us and we appreciate your comments and input as we develop the next version.  Download the draft of the LEAF Marque Standard version 15.0.

LEAF Marque Standard version 15.0 Draft

Feedback opportunities were available in the following ways:

For French, Italian and Spanish speaking countries, the consultation has details below of how feedback can be provided. 

La consultazione pubblica del nuovo LEAF Marque Standard e’ aperta dal 30.11.2018 al 30.01.2019, purtroppo non possiamo darVi una copia della bozza tradotta di LEAF Marque Standard v15.0 . Il Vostro riscontro e’ molto importante per noi, per questo motivo abbiamo tradotto un riassunto dei cambiamenti fatti. Se volete inviarci i Vostri commenti, per favore inviateli a: lucy.redmore@leafuk.org , oppure potete compilare il sondaggio o scaricare i documenti. Se e’ possibile, Vi saremmo molto grati se possiamo avere il Vostro riscontro in Inglese. Clicca qui.

La consultación publica de la nueva versión de LEAF Marque Standard será’ desde el 30.11.2018 hasta el 30.01.2019, desafortunadamente no podemos enviarles una copia del LEAF Marque Standard traducida pero hemos traducido un resumen de los cambios que hicimos porque agradeceríamos su colaboración. Si desean enviarnos sus comentarios, lo pueden hacer contactando a lucy.redmore@leafuk.org, completando la encuesta o descargando los documentos. Si pueden enviar sus comentarios en Ingles, se les agradecería. Haga clic aquí.

La consultation publique sur la LEAF Marque Standard est ouverte entre 30.11.2018 jusqu'à 30.01.2019. Vos commentaires sont très importants pour nous, nous avons donc traduit un résumé des changements, sur qui vos suggestions et commentaires sont les bienvenues. Vous pouvez fournir des commentaires par emailing lucy.redmore@leafuk.org ou remplissant le questionnaire ou les formulaires téléchargeables. Si possible nous vous serions reconnaissants de vos commentaires en anglais. Cliquez ici.