Monitoring and Evaluation

In 2012, when LEAF established its monitoring and evaluation programme, we started providing information about our impacts, growth and the economic, environmental and social benefits of achieving and maintaining LEAF Marque certification. We continue to build on that work which helps provide the scientific foundation for the transparent and impartial evaluation of LEAF’s effectiveness in delivering our mission and vision.

LEAF Global Impacts Report

We are proud to introduce LEAF’s fifth Global Impacts Report ‘Delivering More Sustainable Food and Farming’ which celebrates the achievements of LEAF Marque certified businesses in delivering more sustainable food and farming. Inspiring and enabling everyone we work with about sustainability is one thing, but this needs to be demonstrated through monitoring and evaluation.

Our impact

Latest Independent Evaluation

So we can assess the effectiveness of our work and be certain that it is advancing environmental change, we commission, conduct and undergo a range of evaluations. The findings of these studies provide vital insights which we use to revise and adapt the LEAF Marque assurance system.  This leads to better results of our work, for the benefit of all LEAF Marque certified businesses. The most recent study looks at the effect and impact of LEAF Marque in the delivery of more sustainable farming. The study was commissioned by LEAF and carried out by the Countryside and Community Research Institute.

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Monitoring and Evaluation

The LEAF Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) mission is to increase the understanding of the environmental, social, political, organisational and other impact of LEAF’s activities. The continuous M&E programme augments the scientific basis, benefits, value and the impartiality, transparency and inclusiveness of LEAF’s activities. A Public System Report on Impact can be found below.

View the Public System Report on Impact

M&E Summary

We have summarised our Monitoring and Evaluation programme here at LEAF into a useful overview taking a high level look at what our programme includes. 

View LEAF Marque M&E Summary

LEAF Marque Intended Impacts

LEAF Marque: increasing the implementation of more environmentally sustainable farming practices through Integrated Farm Management (IFM).

Within the context of Integrated Farm Management, the LEAF Marque system aims to improve:

- Soil management to enhance soil quality and soil health

- The resilience of cropping systems

- Management of water use and water quality

- Energy efficiency and energy use

- Waste management

- Management of livestock to enhance the environment

- And enhance the management of native habitats and biodiversity

These aims work alongside LEAF’s beyond certification work which aim to:

- inspire and enable sustainable farming that is prosperous, enriches the environment and engages local communities

To find out how we are delivering against these goals, see LEAF’s Global Impacts Report.


Our Impact

Your Thoughts

LEAF and LEAF Marque conduct a range of stakeholder consultations to support our continuous improvement and we will publicise these opportunities. Do you have comments, questions or complaints about the M&E system? If so, please contact us. 

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