LEAF Marque independent evaluation

LEAF Marque certification helps farm businesses become more sustainable. It is an important driver for change. Gaining insight into the impact LEAF Marque certification is having on delivering more sustainable farming is critical for the continuous improvement of our standards.

Measuring our impact: proving and improving

So we can assess the effectiveness of our work and be certain that it is advancing environmental change, we commission independent research studies to evaluate our impact.   The findings of these studies provide vital insights which we use to revise and adapt the LEAF Marque assurance system.  This leads to better results of our work, for the benefit of all LEAF Marque certified businesses. 

Commissioned studies

Here you can find an impact study into the benefits of LEAF Marque certification, commissioned by LEAF and carried out by the Countryside and Community Research Institute. Download the full report, summary report, read LEAF’s response or get a quick overview of the report highlights.

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Report Summary

The provision of robust, transparent and independent evaluation to support the claims that an organisation makes is a vital part of continual growth and improvement. It also underpins an organisation’s credibility, builds capacity and strengthens accountability to stakeholders. 

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Full report

This research study, commissioned by LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming), aimed to evaluate the impact and added value to farmers of LEAF Marque certification. It builds on previous work the CCRI carried out in 2010 which looked more broadly at the benefits to farmers of LEAF membership. 

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LEAF response to report

We are delighted to see that all participants in the study found value in being LEAF Marque certified. They reported that it had reached beyond their initial motivations for joining the system and helped them to develop their enterprises in ways they may not have considered previously. While it should be noted that in many cases the essential benefits arising from LEAF Marque certification were individualised, there were also many benefits shared by all participants in the study.

The results of the study are worth celebrating and in many cases, we felt the findings correlated with our own experiences. 

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