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Your feedback is important to LEAF to ensure that we continue to improve the services we offer. LEAF will review and take any appropriate corrective action to the standards system or assurance requirements, when necessary.

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Comments and complaints to LEAF

LEAF strives to give those who make a comment, complaint or enquiry about the work and activity of LEAF the charity a helpful response at the appropriate time. This includes comments / complaints about the LEAF Marque Standard System. We respect everyone’s right to make a comment, complaint or enquiry and co-operate with any formal inquiry resulting from this.  We try to ensure our comment, complaint or enquiry procedure is effective and it is followed at all times.   We will ensure that all comments, complaints or enquiries are conducted courteously, professionally and in an impartial manner. We will record comments, complaints or enquiries to ensure they are dealt with in an appropriate and timely way. 

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What will LEAF do?

Where appropriate, LEAF will record your comment and aim to try and resolve your enquiry as quickly as possible upon receipt. If LEAF cannot sort the enquiry out immediately, we will send an acknowledgement after receiving the enquiry and respond to it as soon as possible thereafter. Where an enquiry needs more time e.g. where more detail or investigation is required, then we will inform you of this and give an expected date of resolution.

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Resolved complaints

LEAF will ensure that all enquiries, comments, questions or complaints are handled responsibly, professionally and in an impartial manner. 

LEAF Marque Complaints Resolutions Log

Stakeholder mapping

The LEAF Marque Stakeholder Mapping document describes this stakeholder engagement over the last few years.Through mapping and by providing meaningful opportunities to contribute, a balance of sectors including those indirectly affected by the Standard, interested representatives will be promoted by LEAF, its stakeholders and producers.

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