Claims & Labelling

Claims & Labelling will be effec­tive from the 1st Jan­u­ary 2020. This is a mech­a­nism to ensure robust­ness of the LEAF Mar­que Sys­tem by reg­u­lat­ing the cer­ti­fi­ca­tion claims that are made. Claims & Labelling replaces Chain of Cus­tody, the require­ments for which have been removed from the LEAF Mar­que Stan­dard v15.0.

Businesses have until the 30th September 2020 to implement Claims & Labelling in the appropriate way for their business. Claims & Labelling Licence Application can be accessed from myLEAF; My Services > LEAF Marque Claims & Labelling. LEAF Marque will continue to monitor LEAF Marque claims until this date to ensure they are made appropriately.

There are five documents that provide information on the process and requirements of Claims & Labelling.

To understand the changes to Claims & Labelling and how it affects you, the first step is to determine whether you are the appropriate Licence Holder for where a LEAF Marque claim is being made. Please review the Guidance Document for more information.

If you are not the appropriate Licence Holder, it may still be relevant to review the LEAF Style Guidelines. This outlines the rules and requirements for any communications about LEAF Marque.

If you are the appropriate Licence Holder, the Guidance Document will provide further information on the process of obtaining a Claims & Labelling Licence. You should also review the Licence Agreement and LEAF Marque Claim Rules to ensure you understand the Claims & Labelling requirements and regulations on the claims you can make.

If you have any queries about Claims & Labelling, Chain of Custody, and how this applies to your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please contact Lucy Redmore (email: [email protected], phone: +44(0) 2476 413911)

If you notice any potential misuse or misrepresentation of LEAF Marque claims, please report this to LEAF Marque (email: [email protected], phone: +44 (0)2476 413911). Please include as much information as possible, or any evidence if it is available (e.g. photos of packaging, website claims, shop stalls).

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Got a ques­tion about Claims & labelling? We may have an answer for you in our ques­tion and answer ses­sion with Lucy Red­more, LEAF Tech­ni­cal Coordinator.

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Claims and Labelling deci­sion tree

Fol­low our sim­ple to under­stand deci­sion tree to help you under­stand if you are the appro­pri­ate Licence Hold­er and if you must obtain a Claims & Labelling Licence.

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