LEAF Marque

LEAF Marque is a leading global assurance system recognising more sustainably farmed products. It stands for more environmental sustainability and is held by farm businesses which meet our rigorous standards of sustainable farming practice. LEAF Marque certified businesses have been independently verified against the robust LEAF Marque Standard.

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The principles of Integrated Farm Management (IFM) underpin the requirements of LEAF Marque certification, as set out in the LEAF Marque Standard. IFM is a whole farm business approach that delivers more sustainable farming. Modern technology and traditional methods are used with the goal of delivering a prosperous farming that enriches the environment and engages local communities. A farm business managed to IFM principles will demonstrate site-specific and continuous improvement across the whole farm including: Organisation and Planning, Soil Management and Fertility, Crop Health and Protection, Pollution Control and By-Product Management, Animal Husbandry, Energy Efficiency, Water Management, Landscape and Nature Conservation and Community Engagement. 


of UK fruit and vegetables grown by LEAF Marque certified businesses

Our ambition

LEAF Marque works to build resilient businesses, develop climate resilience, improve nature and biodiversity, drive supply chain innovation, and engage consumers in positive change.


hectares of crop on LEAF Marque certified businesses worldwide


hectares of crop on LEAF Marque certified businesses in the UK

LEAF Marque Standard

LEAF Marque is an environmental assurance system recognising sustainable farmed products. Here we take a look at the latest version of the LEAF Marque Standard and the process of standard setting.

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How to become LEAF Marque certified

In 2012, when LEAF established its monitoring and evaluation programme, we started providing information about our impacts, growth and the economic, environmental and social benefits of achieving and maintaining LEAF Marque certification. We continue to build on that work which helps provide the scientific foundation for the transparent and impartial evaluation of LEAF’s effectiveness in delivering our mission and vision.

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Meet some LEAF Marque farmers

An insight into the effect and impact of LEAF Marque certification in the delivery of more sustainable farming. 

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Delivering impact

Through our monitoring and evaluation and talking to our producers we are seeing real commitment in safeguarding our precious natural resources, reaching out to their customers and continually assessing and adapting their farming practices. We are hugely proud of what they have achieved. Together with the determination of the supply chain to support forward thinking farmers and raise consumer awareness of sustainable issues, we are making real and lasting differences to the sustainability of the world’s food and farming systems. 

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The LEAF Marque Chain of Custody allows all the sites that handle LEAF Marque certified products in the supply chain to be mapped.  Farmers declare what they produce and buyers and processors declare their ingredients in manufactured products and their suppliers.  Further along the supply chain, distributors, traders and retailers declare their suppliers. 

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We look at how LEAF the charity and LEAF Marque is managed, including the setting of the standard, decision making process, stakeholder engagement, LEAF Public System Reports, LEAF Marque indicators, a list of IFM research papers / case studies and other governance matters.

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Revising the standard

Learn about how we set the LEAF Marque Standard, with regular consultations and revisions to ensure the standard is a robust and credible system.

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Standard Consultation

Every few years we review the LEAF Marque Standard to ensure it remains relevant. As industry practices and scientific understanding evolve over time, so our Standard needs to evolve too. Our Standard review is public and consistent with best practice codes and guidelines provided by ISEAL.

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Your feedback is important to LEAF to ensure that we continue to improve the services we offer. LEAF will review and take any appropriate corrective action to the standards system or assurance requirements, when necessary.

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LEAF Marque documents and downloads

Here you can find many useful documents and articles about LEAF Marque. 

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