Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience has two field stations in the UK where some of their development and research is based. These farms, combined with extensive expertise within Bayer CropScience are a LEAF Innovation Centre.

Bayer CropScience is committed to helping UK farmers provide safe, high quality, affordable food in a sustainable way using less water and energy, while promoting biodiversity.

It currently reinvests 10% of its sales into developing new plant protection products, seeds and traits, keeping the company at the forefront of sustainable agriculture. This is combined with its extensive stewardship activities, such as the Bayer Phytobac, and a growing number of Agri Services such as pest forecasting systems and agronomy apps.

Bayer recognises that with leadership comes responsibility; it is committed to the safe, appropriate and judicious use of pesticides and works with farmers, agronomists and wildlife charities in the UK to improve integrated farming.

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