Ban­gor University

Hen­faes Research Cen­tre is Ban­gor University’s research farm, locat­ed in Aberg­wyn­gr­eg­yn – about sev­en miles from Ban­gor, and totals an area of 258 hectares. The land at Hen­faes extends from sea-lev­el to amongst the high­est land in Snow­do­nia, all on one farm. This diver­si­ty allows for research into low­land agri­cul­ture as well as upland sys­tems and, through their role as a LEAF Inno­va­tion Cen­tre, brings cru­cial infor­ma­tion on the role and devel­op­ment of Inte­grat­ed Farm Man­age­ment in live­stock systems.

Henfaes Research Centre is Bangor University’s research farm and is the sight of a wide range of research projects looking at improving efficiencies of agricultural production and balancing production with delivery of other environmental and social goods. The farm includes arable, sheep, upland and horticultural research around sustainable intensification, agroforestry, soil science, crop science, nutrient management and greenhouse gas emissions.

Included within Henfaes is a 49 hectare lowland area that provides field, laboratory and greenhouse facilities for research and teaching in lowland agriculture and environmental science. In addition, Henfaes is the location for the Centre for Hill and Upland Management (CHUM), which is managed as a commercial sheep unit, alongside being used for research purposes. Together, this land area provides ideal facilities to investigate the role of Integrated Farm Management in both lowland and upland livestock systems.

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