LEAF Inno­va­tion Centres

LEAF Inno­va­tion Cen­tres are research organ­i­sa­tions whose work sup­ports the research, evi­dence, devel­op­ment and pro­mo­tion of Inte­grat­ed Farm Management.

LEAF Innovation Centres investigate and communicate practices which underpin the continual improvement of the Integrated Farm Management approach to help deliver more sustainable food and farming.

The network of LEAF Innovation Centres includes a range of organisation across the UK. They work alongside the LEAF Demonstration Farms and are key to the development of LEAF.

LEAF Innovation Centres are research establishments with strong links to LEAF. Through hosting visits, doing talks, writing articles and contributing to LEAF’s technical resources they play a critical role in one of LEAF’s core activities: facilitating sustainable farming knowledge generation and exchange.

Ban­gor University

Loca­tion: Gwynedd

Hen­faes Research Cen­tre is Ban­gor University’s research farm, locat­ed in Aberg­wyn­gr­eg­yn – about sev­en miles from Ban­gor, and totals an area of 258 hectares. The land at Hen­faes extends from sea-lev­el to amongst the high­est land in Snow­do­nia, all on one farm. This diver­si­ty allows for research into low­land agri­cul­ture as well as upland sys­tems and, through their role as a LEAF Inno­va­tion Cen­tre, brings cru­cial infor­ma­tion on the role and devel­op­ment of Inte­grat­ed Farm Man­age­ment in live­stock systems. 

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Bay­er Crop Science

Loca­tion: Cambridgeshire

Bay­er Crop­Science has two field sta­tions in the UK where some of their devel­op­ment and research is based. These farms, com­bined with exten­sive exper­tise with­in Bay­er Crop­Science are a LEAF Inno­va­tion Centre. 

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Cen­tre for Dairy Research

Loca­tion: Berkshire

The Cen­tre for Dairy Research (CEDAR), Uni­ver­si­ty of Read­ing, is locat­ed at Hall Farm, Arbor­field, and was estab­lished in 1992. A unique state of the art research facil­i­ty for applied and strate­gic research; CEDAR spe­cialis­es in research­ing the envi­ron­men­tal impacts of milk and meat pro­duc­tion. Key research themes include sus­tain­able for­ages for live­stock sys­tems, dairy cow diges­tion and nutri­tion, milk com­po­si­tion and con­sumer health. 

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Loca­tion: Leicestershire

The Aller­ton Project was estab­lished in 1992 in line with the will of Lord & Lady Aller­ton. With the Game & Wildlife Con­ser­va­tion Trust as a part­ner, the Aller­ton’s bequeathed farm estate would be used as a foun­da­tion from which to realise the aims of the Project as set out in the deeds: To advance pub­lic edu­ca­tion in, and con­duct research in, dif­fer­ing farm­ing meth­ods and the effects there­of on the envi­ron­ment & wildlife, and to dis­sem­i­nate the use­ful results of such research. The Aller­ton Project and LEAF have worked togeth­er in many ways since then to deliv­er these goals.

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Harp­er Adams University

Loca­tion: Shropshire

Harp­er Adams Uni­ver­si­ty pro­vides high qual­i­ty high­er edu­ca­tion as well as car­ry­ing out high class agri­cul­tur­al research. Mem­bers of the Uni­ver­si­ty staff have worked with LEAF for more than 20 years in sup­port of LEAF’s pro­mo­tion of Inte­grat­ed Farm Management.

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James Hut­ton Institute

Loca­tion: Aberdeen and Dundee

The James Hut­ton Insti­tute encom­pass­es a dis­tinc­tive range of inte­grat­ed, world-class strengths in land, crop, water, envi­ron­men­tal and socio-eco­nom­ic sci­ence. It under­takes research for cus­tomers includ­ing the Scot­tish and UK Gov­ern­ments, the EU and oth­er organ­i­sa­tions worldwide.

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Loca­tion: Kent

Based at East Malling in Kent, NIAB EMR is an inter­na­tion­al­ly renowned plant sci­ence organ­i­sa­tion con­duct­ing research on hor­ti­cul­tur­al crops and their inter­ac­tions with the envi­ron­ment, with par­tic­u­lar empha­sis on peren­ni­al and clon­al­ly prop­a­gat­ed fruit crops. 

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Rotham­st­ed Research North Wyke

Loca­tion: Devon

Rotham­st­ed Research North Wyke, locat­ed near Oke­hamp­ton in Devon, is a 250ha grass­land research cen­tre that is part of a net­work of LEAF Inno­va­tion Cen­tres whose work sup­ports the research, evi­dence, devel­op­ment and pro­mo­tion of Inte­grat­ed Farm Management.

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Roy­al Agri­cul­tur­al University

Loca­tion: Gloucestershire

The Roy­al Agri­cul­tur­al Uni­ver­si­ty is set in the heart of the Cotswold coun­try­side and is recog­nised nation­al­ly and inter­na­tion­al­ly as a leader in the deliv­ery of edu­ca­tion, research and con­sul­tan­cy in agri­cul­ture and the rur­al environment.

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Loca­tion: Dum­fries and Gal­loway & Scot­tish Highlands

SRUC’s six research farms pro­vide research, edu­ca­tion and knowl­edge trans­fer resources linked pri­mar­i­ly to the SRUC’s applied research pro­gramme. Critch­ton Roy­al Farm (Dum­fries and Gal­loway) is the cen­tre for dairy research and its main aim is to devel­op, imple­ment and pro­vide infor­ma­tion from sus­tain­able breed­ing and man­age­ment sys­tems for dairy cat­tle. The Hill & Moun­tain Research Cen­tre, with its team of sys­tems-scale researchers, is based at Kirk­ton and Auchter­tyre Farms in the Scot­tish High­lands. The size (c. 2,200 ha), alti­tu­di­nal range (from 170 m to over 1,000 m) and wide range of inbye grass­land and oth­er upland moor­land and wood­land habi­tats char­ac­ter­is­tic of hill farm­ing and croft­ing make these farms unique with­in both SRUC’s port­fo­lio of research, demon­stra­tion and teach­ing farm facilities.

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Stock­bridge Tech­nol­o­gy Centre

Loca­tion: Yorkshire

The Stock­bridge Tech­nol­o­gy Cen­tre (STC) was launched in April 2001 to ensure con­tin­ued tech­no­log­i­cal devel­op­ments for the hor­ti­cul­tur­al indus­try. This grow­er-led ini­tia­tive has cre­at­ed an inde­pen­dent hor­ti­cul­tur­al cen­tre of excel­lence sup­port­ed by both the pro­duc­tion and sup­ply sec­tors of the industry.

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