Ham­p­den Bot­tom Farm

Ham­p­den Bot­tom Farm is a 486 hectare farm locat­ed in the Chilton Hills, Buck­ing­hamshire where will­ing wheat, spring field beans and oil seed rape are grown.

Farmer: Ian Waller

Address: Rignall Road, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, HP16 9PT

Website: http://www.hampdenherdwicks.co.uk

The protection and enhancement of environmental features as well combined with a sustainable business is vital for Integrated Farm Management at Hampden Bottom Farm. 

The Farm

Hampden Bottom Farm is a 486 hectare all arable farm situated in the Chiltern Hills some 3 miles outside the small town of Great Missenden in Buckinghamshire.


Crops for food

We grow milling wheat, spring field beans and oil seed rape. The wheat is grown for Warburtons and RHM for bread and the oil seed rape is grown on energy contracts. By following a balanced crop rotation, using appropriate crop protection products and application equipment, we are able to discourage the build-up of weeds, pests and diseases. Integrated farm management is all about careful planning and attention to detail. All our crop management decisions are based on careful monitoring, regular rotational soil testing and crop walking. Wherever possible, we carry out minimum tillage (where the top few inches of soil are lightly cultivated) to conserve the soil organic matter. We have also drawn up a nutrient and soil management plant on a field by field basis to ensure the nutrients are optimised for crop performance. 


We have a small flock of Herdwick Sheep that graze the species rich chalk grassland.


Protection and enhancement of the farm’s wealth of environmental features, combined with a sustainable business are vital to the success of IFM at Hampden Bottom Farm. We were one of the first (and largest) farms in the South East to be accepted into the HLS stewardship scheme and are really proud of what we have achieved at the farm in terms of wildlife management. We have over 35 kilometres of hedges and 38 kilometres of 2 metre buffer strips which we planted with floristically enhanced grass margins. We manage the species rich chalk grassland to encourage tawny and barn owl and the farm is well populated with skylarks and yellow hammers. Lapwings have returned to the farm following the creation of the new lapwing nesting area. One small area of the farm has been left uncultivated for 25 years and is a haven for ant hills which attract large numbers of green woodpeckers. Other bird species include red kites, buzzards, song thrushes and English partridges.  


We look forward to welcoming you to Hampden Bottom Farm and to explaining how we combine commercial farming with high standards of environmental care. Please contact LEAF for information. 


About LEAF Demonstration Farms

LEAF Demonstration Farms are commercial farms, which show the beneficial practices of Integrated Farm Management (IFM) to a broad range of audiences, through organised visits. They communicate an understanding of IFM in order to encourage uptake by farmers, support from the industry and political awareness of sustainable food and farming.

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