Great Wol­las­ton Farm

Great Wol­las­ton is a 242 acre mixed fam­i­ly farm sit­u­at­ed on the edge of the Shrop­shire Hills, on the English/​Welsh border.

Address: Halfway House, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY5 9DN

Farmer: Robert Kynaston

We grow winter wheat and winter barley for home use with any excess being sold off the farm as well as a mix of peas and spring barley for our herd’s forage. Our dairy herd is 80 strong. The family has farmed Great Wollaston for more than sixty years and conservation has always been a priority but never seen to be in conflict with commercial farming.

The Farm

Great Wollaston is a 242 acre mixed family farm on the edge of the Shropshire Hills on the English/Welsh border.  



The key to a happy herd is always to put the animals first. We breed all our own stock which reduces the risk of disease coming onto the farm and improves traceability. Our herd of 80 cows enjoy stress free conditions – we have good hygiene standards and pay careful attention to the amount of space per cow. Our paddock grazing system, where the cows are rotated around small areas of field, means they have daily access to lush, fresh grass. Manure is seen as a valuable resource and recycled back onto the land to improve soil fertility and structure. All our milk is sold to Arla.

Crops for food

All of the crops we grow at Great Wollaston are for feeding the cows. Crops include winter wheat, barley and forage peas. Growing our own feed crops means that we do not have to buy in specialist feeds which greatly reduces road miles. Sound crop rotations, alongside appropriate seed varieties play a key role in our crop protection policy.


Skylarks, finches, yellowhammers, owls and hares are regular visitors to the farm, attracted by sensitively managed woodland, wildlife corridors, ponds and field margins. In 2001, we won the English Nature and NFU President’s Award for Biodiversity, which enabled us to create a reedbed on the farm. This provides a diverse habitat for beneficial insects, birds and small mammals as well as help with dirty water management. We also have a bio-mass log burner that is fuelled by coppiced timber from the woodland.



We encourage people onto farm so we can explain what we are doing to anyone who is interested. As a LEAF Demonstration Farm, we want to show that healthy food can be produced by balanced, sustainable farming, where wildlife thrives.

About LEAF Demonstration Farms

LEAF Demonstration Farms are commercial farms, which show the beneficial practices of Integrated Farm Management (IFM) to a broad range of audiences, through organised visits. They communicate an understanding of IFM in order to encourage uptake by farmers, support from the industry and political awareness of sustainable food and farming.

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