School Closures

Supporting parents and young people with food, farming and environment education while schools are closed is a real opportunity for the industry. However, LEAF Education wants to remind everyone that this communication has to be handled sensitively and our Safeguarding Code of Conduct as set out for Farmer Time participants must be followed at all times.

Please read the Code here and make sure you are adhering to this guidance designed to protect young people and you. LEAF Education cannot support any farmers having online conversations directly with young people via online platforms and social media. We will continue to work with the AHDB and others on educating our future generations in a safe and meaningful way.

Free fortnightly video calls between farmers and classrooms. Bringing the countryside to life.

Farmer Time is all about harnessing the power of digital communications to inspire, engage and educate young people about not only the journey from farm to fork but also the everchanging, diverse agricultural industry. Children regularly chat live to their matched farmer from their classrooms through FaceTime or Skype, discuss ideas, ask questions, share knowledge and gain a ‘real-time’ understanding of the issues farmers face every day.

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For a more in-depth look at the impact of Farmer Time, please see our 2020 report below:

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