LEAF Open Farm School Days for pupils

Inspir­ing young peo­ple about food, farm­ing and the coun­try­side through engag­ing, cur­ricu­lum-linked activ­i­ties and experiences.

We provide engaging, curriculum-linked activities and experiences for classes at all Key Stages which inspire them about food, farming and the countryside.

Our Regional Educational Consultants can lead and deliver these activities, and we can work with you to create bespoke activities tailored to your school and your students’ needs.

Curriculum-linked activities for all Key Stages and subjects

Delivered by our Regional Education Consultants

Tailored to your school’s and pupils’ individual needs

Safe and professional through our network of accredited farm venues

Fun, engaging and sensory-rich environments for learning outside the classroom

Our LEAF Open Farm School Days

This is just a sample of the activities we offer. Each one can be tailored to the individual requirements of your school, or we can prepare completely bespoke activities suitable for different settings, needs and requirements. Contact us for a detailed discussion.

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Bespoke LEAF Open Farm School Days

Do you have a group of disengaged boys who need more activities around English? A year 5 class that needs to focus on expanding literacy? Want a taster Business Studies on farm day for year 9? Need to deliver exam specification points for AQA or Edexcel?

As well as tailoring our sample LEAF Open Farm School Days to your needs, our team of Regional Education Consultants can develop bespoke experiences for your school at any duration, subject focus or type of activity.

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Tailored activities to engage pupils with specific needs

Experiences and activities that directly meet your learning objectives

Mix & match subjects and activities of your choosing

Co-design your activities with our Regional Education Consultants who understand schools' requirements

Be guided through the practicalities by our experienced team

“The children really enjoyed the tour of the farm and being able to go into the field to see the animals close up; a real chance to get out of the classroom environment and continue learning.”

— Year 3 teacher

“It really opened by eyes to see how a farm is run as a multi-million pound business, and to think about all the decisions the farms has to make, not just what crops to grow.”

— A level business studies student