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LEAF farmers care about the countryside for you to enjoy today and tomorrow.

LEAF farmers care about the countryside for you to enjoy today and tomorrow.

LEAF is a registered charity (No. 1045781) promoting environmentally responsible farming, through encouraging  farmers globally to produce food with care for the environment and to improve public understanding of food and farming.

You can get involved by becoming a Friend of LEAF, helping you buy into a better environment. Linking Environment And Farming is a proactive and inclusive charity which brings together thousands of individuals and organisations to deliver a shared vision for the future of farming and food.

LEAF's vision sees farmers flourishing in their roles as food producers and stewards of the countryside, with consumers enjoying nutritious food – confident that it has been produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

LEAF makes this vision a reality. It brings together farmers, consumers and food businesses with activities and initiatives that build knowledge, understanding, trust and opportunities. LEAF has something for everyone and provides a forum for progressive thinkers committed to a sustainable future. There are LEAF Demonstration Farms and Innovation Centres across the UK where these ideas can be seen in practice.

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If you value wholesome, affordable food and products that are produced with care for the environment then look out for the LEAF Marque when shopping for your food and other goods. 

LEAF believes in a food and farming system that encourages nature and landscapes to thrive, supports livelihoods and local communities and has public health and wellbeing at its heart. In other words, farming that is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

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