FaceTime a Farmer

LEAF Education’s FaceTime a Farmer initiative is transforming how farmers connect children with their food and where it comes from. FaceTime a Farmer is all about harnessing the power of digital communications to inspire and engage young people about farming and where their food comes from. Children chat live to farmers from their classrooms through FaceTime or Skype, discuss ideas, ask questions, share knowledge and gain a ‘real-time’ understanding of the issues farmers face every day.

A new project which is meeting with tremendous interest is our FaceTime a Farmer initiative. Following a successful pilot project in the east of England, we have introduced a ‘matching’ service between schools and farmers who wish to talk using Skype or FaceTime. Children have regular contact with a farmer and are able to pose questions which the teacher can link to their current topics and subjects. We paired over 70 farms and schools in the first full year. As a result of the children’s growing interest and the commitment of the staff, the schools have been supported by our Regional Education Consultant to visit local farms. Not only do pupils get to meet the farmers and learn about agriculture first hand, they have also learnt a range of practical skills such as reading a compass while navigating farm trails as part of a geography field trip.

The teachers have commented that the sessions have benefitted not only geography but also maths and English. “There are so many benefits which include learning about where our food comes from, rural landscapes, understanding the different jobs involved in farming, renewable energy, healthy eating and a great focus for British values”.

Ultimately, we are a modern, high-tech agricultural industry and we want to engage with young people to ensure that they appreciate the work of the modern-day farmer. Ideally, we would like to facilitate either a FaceTime or Skype call between a farmer and a school, either a local school or a school from any part of the UK.

Farmer Sign up

Currently we are looking for the names and contact details of farmers who would be interested and have the capability to Skype or FaceTime.

Sign up to the FaceTime a Farmer project as a farmer.

Teacher Sign up

Currently we are looking for the names of schools and contact details of those schools who would be interested and have the capability to Skype or FaceTime a farmer.

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Why it's important

Farmer Tom has created two useful webinars to help teachers and farmers who have signed up to FaceTime a Farmer. In our third video Farmer Tom also explains why teachers and farmers should sign up for this exciting initiative.

Get involved

Here are a some useful downloadable PDF guides for farmers and teachers about how to get involved in the FaceTime a Farmer project.