LEAF ELMS Tests and Tri­als Pro­gramme Assur­ance Project (Eng­land)

Future sup­port mech­a­nisms for farm­ers are chang­ing. Play a part in help­ing to shape pol­i­cy and devel­op­ing a future pay­ment sys­tem that works for you and your business.

About ELMS

ELMS (Environmental Land Management Scheme) is intended by Defra as the system by which ‘payment for public goods’ fully replaces the Basic Payment and Countryside Stewardship Schemes by 2028.

LEAF is putting its experience and expertise in win-win agri-environmental outcomes to use in the first round of Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) Tests and Trials that are running through 2020. This cornerstone of future English agricultural policy is based on the principle of ‘public money for public goods’ whereby land managers will be paid for delivering the following public goods set out in the 25 Year Environment Plan:

  • Clean and plentiful water
  • Clean air
  • Thriving plants and wildlife
  • Reduction in and protection from environmental hazards
  • Adaptation to and mitigation of climate change
  • Beauty, heritage and engagement with the environment

LEAF is looking specifically at the role that training and support plays in helping farmers to provide these services- or being recognised for those they already do. We are working with 70 farmers located across England to trial a range of pathways towards LEAF Marque certification and the provision of quality on-farm educational experiences.

The recognition of LEAF’s credentials in working with farmers to deliver profitable farming alongside environmental enhancement and community engagement, is a testament to nearly 30 years working to develop more sustainable farming through Integrated Farm Management (IFM). Watch this space for the findings and outcomes of this work, which we will also be feeding into the continual improvement of our established IFM training programmes.