Who we are

Explore below to find out who the key members and how our corporate members are committed to reinforcing LEAF’s political and practical credentials as the most realistic route to sustainable global food production.

About us

LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) is the leading organisation delivering more sustainable food and farming. We work with farmers, the food industry, scientists and consumers, to inspire and enable sustainable farming that is prosperous, enriches the environment and engages local communities.


LEAF staff

Caroline Drummond

Caroline Drummond

Chief Executive caroline.drummond@leafuk.org
Alice Midmer

Alice Midmer

IFM Manager alice.midmer@leafuk.org
Annabel Shackleton

Annabel Shackleton

Events, Open Farm Sunday & Open Farm School Days Manager annabel.shackleton@leafuk.org
Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards

Director Education and Public Engagement Carl.Edwards@leafuk.org
Caroline Ellis

Caroline Ellis

Bookkeeper caroline.ellis@leafuk.org
Jamie Markham

Jamie Markham

Marketing Graduate Jamie.Markham@leafuk.org
Janet Hickinbottom

Janet Hickinbottom

National Education Officer janet@face-online.org.uk
Jennifer Clark

Jennifer Clark

Technical Assistant jennifer.clark@leafuk.org
Jim Blumire

Jim Blumire



Justine Hards

Justine Hards

Publications and PR Co-ordinator justine.hards@leafuk.org
Justine Hunt

Justine Hunt

IFM Administrator justine.hunt@leafuk.org
Kathryn Green

Kathryn Green

Sustainability Manager kathryn.green@leafuk.org
Laura Tippin

Laura Tippin

Technical Assistant (Projects) laura.tippin@leafuk.org
Lucy Redmore

Lucy Redmore

Technical Assistant Lucy.Redmore@leafuk.org
Melanie McCarthy

Melanie McCarthy

Events, Open Farm Sunday & Open Farm School Days Co-ordinator mel.mccarthy@leafuk.org
Quentin Clark

Quentin Clark

Director Business Collaboration quentin.clark@leafuk.org
Rosie Beaufoy

Rosie Beaufoy



Steve Jones

Steve Jones

Operations Manager stephen.jones@leafuk.org
Simon Bull

Simon Bull

Marketing & Communications Manager simon.bull@leafuk.org
Val Goldstraw

Val Goldstraw

Membership Co-ordinator val.goldstraw@leafuk.org

LEAF Marque certified businesses

We are hugely proud of what the LEAF Marque Certified businesses have achieved. We are able to provide a list of LEAF Marque certified businesses.

View list of businesses

Corporate Partners

The commitment of our Corporate members reinforces LEAF’s political and practical credentials as the most realistic route to sustainable global food production.

We are grateful to the wide range of companies who support LEAF, including those from the food service, multiple retailers, environmentalists, farmers’ markets, processors and manufacturers, financial services, millers and bakers, chartered surveyors, grain merchants, farm input suppliers, etc.

How to get involved