What we do

LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) - the leading organisation delivering more sustainable food and farming.

Our vision and mission

Agriculture worldwide is facing one of its greatest challenges: to produce enough nutritional food to fulfil the needs of our current and future population, while at the same time, protecting the environment and human health.

Finding and implementing innovative solutions to sustainability challenges cannot be addressed in isolation. It requires the involvement of a wide range of actors from across the food chain – farmers, retailers, researchers and NGO’s.

We work with farmers,

the food industry, scientists and consumers to inspire and enable sustainable farming.

This involves working closely with our producers, providing them with the right tools and services to make meaningful changes on the ground and inspiring retailers and consumers in pursuit of the ultimate goal - a more sustainable and resilient food and farming chain.

Over the last six years, we have seen steady improvements in how our producers are managing their soil and water, conserving energy, protecting their crops, enhancing wildlife habitats and reaching out to their local communities. All delivered through our producers’ commitment to Integrated Farm Management (IFM) and their drive and determination to improve their farming practices.

Integrated Farm Management

Integrated Farm Management (IFM) is the basis of all of LEAF’s activities which, together with the work of our farmers, supply chain and stakeholders, help in the delivery of a world that is farming, eating and living sustainably.

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LEAF Marque

LEAF Marque is an environmental assurance system recognising sustainable farmed products.

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Education and public engagement

Food, farming and countryside for everyone. Children and young people are becoming more disconnected than ever from the countryside and where their food comes from. We work with you to turn that around.

We have recently merged with the charity FACE (Farming and Countryside Education). The merger comes after another highly successful LEAF Open Farm Sunday, which saw 272,700 people visit a farm on the 11th June. LEAF is now looking to build on its position as a leader in public engagement in food, farming and the environment and maximising FACE’s expertise in the education sector. The newly expanded organisation will offer stakeholders and partners, improved efficiencies, enhanced engagement and will create even more opportunities for educating and engaging the public with food and farming. 

Annual Reports

LEAF 2018 Annual Report

LEAF 2018 Annual Report

LEAF - A Year in Review 2018

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LEAF 2018 Annual Report

Let’s take a look back at what we achieved together over the last few years. 

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Global Impacts Reports

LEAF 2019 Global Impact Report

LEAF 2019 Global Impact Report

LEAF’s Global Impacts Report 2019

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LEAF 2019 Global Impact Report

Our Global Impacts Reports are first and foremost, a celebration of the achievements of our members across the world and the positive impact they are making to deliver more sustainable farming through Integrated Farm Management. We are hugely proud of what they have achieved. 

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